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Not everything we work on at Workzone is bigger than Ben-Hur. Many of our projects are much more low profile, and involve perhaps a small crew of 2 to traffic manage for home builds.

In any given week, Workzone probably has a number of these going on in back streets of suburbs, all around Adelaide.

Builders and construction companies make up a good proportion of our clients and call us in early to help make sure things go to plan and run to schedule.

Concrete pours and construction deliveries

Examples of these sorts of projects include:

  • Concrete pours for house construction using concrete pumps
  • Deliveries of precast panels for construction, steel deliveries, roofing sheets.

For these smaller jobs we can do the following:

  • Prepare the estimate
  • Plan the job and complete the Traffic Guidance Scheme
  • Apply for any necessary DPTI (Dept Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) or council permits and bus notifications
  • Supply the Traffic Guidance Scheme to any relevant parties
  • Set up on site on the day of the job, prior to the arrival of the deliveries
  • Control the traffic flow, allowing our client to concentrate on the job
  • Pack up the site at the end of the project.

Now, although we call these our smaller jobs, there’s nothing small about a 25 cubic metre concrete pour for the average house or 6 x 6 metre precast panels that weigh 10,000kg swinging off a crane as it is lowered into place. They’re serious business. When builders and construction companies have a Workzone crew managing traffic at their building site, they know that they can focus on their building work 100%.

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